Don’t let your jacket kill you

Here we go again with the knee therepy…RICE…rest, ice, compress, elevate.  For the second time I have fallen victim to the swishy jacket.  Yes, it is important to test the sensitivity of the noise of a swishy jacket on the horse you have only known through hot weather.  My first encounter was with a Morgan that had been broke by an apparently incompetent cowboy that tied a tarp to the horse in order to “desensitize him”.  Worked like a dream…the first coldsnap we had I pulled out my windbreaker only to be left crunching arena sand between my teeth when the rustling sound of the fabric caused a tarp session flashback.

Deja vu on the day of the barn Christmas Party.  My mad dressage skills were very impressive to the boarders and their families while snacking on appetizers at the annual Christmas party.  That is until I started trotting and the swishy jacket struck again.  Rodeo bucks were more than I had planned on exhibiting but my flying dismount was impressive.  If you bought your horse in the heat of summer in the South be sure and check the impulsion and engagement of your dressage horse from the ground by crinkling your slickest windbreaker to gage a response.  It might save you a lot in knee braces.

4 thoughts on “Don’t let your jacket kill you

  1. Oooo, there’s a bunch of unplanned dismounts posted on Literary Horse’s blog. This is funny and I’m glad you made it thru OK. Next try umbrellas in high winds.

  2. I personally think that from now on you should only ride in the bikini to avoid provoking your horse with noisy cloth.

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