I come in Peace!

Freaked out last week by responses from visitors from another blog by an amateur dressage rider going by the pen “dressage rider”.  This is a great blog with a lot of humor and insight I can only aspire to.  In reading others blogs it becomes clear that one must find common links in a horseman’s life and not just give a blow by blow of day to day activity.  I found the resposes to my posts interesting and will try and address their points of view through blogs of my own in order to give them the trainer’s point of view.  I hope this can be a fun way to bridge the educational gap and have a few laughs in a discipline that can use a little humor.  Check out dressage rider’s blog- especially the one about boot reading, and be sure and leave me ideas about future blogs.  I can take the heat!!

‘Click here to see dressage rider’s post

3 thoughts on “I come in Peace!

  1. Oh, come on! How come you didn’t give your dressage trainer perspective on the boot reading of a dressage rider? Sure, it’s a cool blog entry, but it reminded me how I wanted to buy field boots for my first dressage show and my trainer at the time told me that I am to own a pair of field boots only over her dead body. Hmmm…
    P.S. I hope it was subtle..

  2. That clothes were approved by the other dressage trainers, judges and they look cool. I don’t know why some people want to look like they just escaped from 19th century and straight to X- salute in 21st.

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