And the deciding vote….

Short blog today- must get some work done sometime!  Speaking of showing the other day reminded me of last competition of the season (at least for me) in 2009.  Had an adult amateur, an anonymous regular commenter on the blog, showing in her first recognized competition.  Luckily her horse, a saintly big grey, knows his business.  After a couple of wardrobe changes and a bee sting before warmup, said rider was ready to show.  All was quiet and tensions were mounting as our nervous rider trotted around and around the competition arena while the judge slowly labored over the previous rider’s remarks.  Finally.. the bell rang and the now pale rider made the last loop around the arena to enter at A.  Just as she was making it down the long side, a little girl and her mother appeared about seventy-five feet away on the sidewalk.  Clearly this was the little girl’s first dressage show and upon seeing the beautiful grey horse with his mane braided like something from a girl’s dream, she cupped her hands over her mouth and screamed “I LOVE YOUR HORSE!!!”  right before the grand entry at A.

The test went well and the judge seemed happy with the horse and rider combination; however, to me the most important vote had already been cast by the horse crazy little girl with dreams of white horses.

8 thoughts on “And the deciding vote….

  1. Ahahahaha! Pale rider? You sure used hyperbole liberally in this one.. Enjoy it! The main thing we had fun and the wasps nests got exterminated.

  2. No matter what she calls herself, lol, she rides no matter the temp, time, or parties going on at the tables. Go O!!

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