Give a GERL a Hand…

Drew Olsen Helps GERL and Horses!


Years ago, leaving a horse show, I was passed on the interstate by a large stock trailer, filled beyond capacity with thin, shaggy horses, standing untied facing every direction. I no longer remember the name of the company on the truck, but it was clear the horses were heading to auction.  Many years later I still cry when I remember their eyes peering out naïvely from between the slats in the trailer as they headed down interstate 20.  Alongside I pulled my horse, comfortably munching hay with a warm snuggly blanket and protective shipping boots.    

I have since wondered why there aren’t more horse shows with proceeds that benefit horse charities.  I have often thought of organizing one but regret that I have yet to do so.  I am happy to say that some other people are more organized than I am and I thank them for that.  Thanks to Facebook, a friend notified me of a trail ride being hosted by Foxhall Farms.  This is a beautiful facility that in earlier years hosted the Foxhall Cup CCI***, an international three-day event.  The proceeds collected will benefit the Georgia Equine Rescue League and horses that have been impounded by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.  Georgia Equine Rescue League (GERL) is a fantastic charity that helps horses that have been abused or abandoned or are otherwise in need.  The need for help in caring for these horses is critical with the economy in a slow spot. 

In addition to the trail ride, clinician Drew Olsen from Southern Horsemanship (“R” judge and good friend and mentor Leslie Olsen’s son!) will be giving a demonstration.  There will be an auction of donated items and of rehabilitated horses from the Georgia Department of Agriculture.  If you have room for a horse at your farm I’m sure some of these horses would love a home! 

Please get together some friends and come out for the trail ride on June 5 from 9:00 to 4:00.  If you are unable to attend please click the link for the Georgia Equine Rescue League and donate any items you can or any amount of money you can do without to help these horses that have lost their homes.  I’ve checked with my horses and they said they don’t mind doing with a few less treats this month to help their brothers and sisters in need! 

Summer Trail Ride at Foxhall Farms 8000 Caps Ferry Rd. Douglasville, Georgia 

Georgia Equine Rescue League 

Southern Horsemanship 

Georgia Department of Agriculture

4 thoughts on “Give a GERL a Hand…

  1. HI Suzanne! So nice to visit your blog! I just wanted to stop in and personally THANK YOU for highlighting our event. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, is horse people are some of the most generous and caring people and when brought to task, they do not disappoint! We appreciate your support of this event so much and hope we see you and Tango June 5 so we can thank you in person = )!

    1. Thank you so much for all that you do!!! Please let me know if you need help now or in the future. You are serving such a worthy cause and would love to feel like I am helping in any way. There are not good enough words to thank you for the important work you do at GERL!

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