The Gospel According to Mom..

Mom "preaching" in 1981!

Horse show  Mom Extraordinaire was recently asked by her church to write her interpretation on the meaning of Lent.  I am by no means the religious type (I think I’ve been to church about five times), but I’m not above admitting to sound reasoning.  The resolutions outlined are ones I too will aspire to this year.  I have copied her entry in its entirety, along with the autobiographical content that the church asked for.  I hope you find it as inspirational as I did.  Cheers, Mom!

The season of Lent begins forty days prior to Easter (excluding Sundays), and this year starts on Wednesday, February 17. The purpose of Lent is to “set aside time for reflection on Jesus Christ–his suffering and sacrifice, his life, death, burial and resurrection”.1 February is also a time to consider Black History and an assassinated President, with St Valentine’s Day–symbolic of universal love, exactly in the middle!!!

Now what do February’s themes have to do with our Bible references? King David, Jeremiah and John each describe the terrible consequences of disparaging remarks and actions intended to belittle or cast doubt on “righteous” persons–their motives and missions. John’s description of the case against Jesus seemed to me to be fairly innocuous–not openly hostile, but merely “little stings”.

One of my favorite prayers includes the verses–

“Keep me sweet and sound of heart in spite of ingratitude, treachery or meanness;

Preserve me from minding little stings or giving them.”

And so, during this month of love and Lent, I shall resolve to give proof of love by making an effort to avoid comments or judgments that even slightly insult, question or disparage another’s character, motives or appearance, and remember that making someone else look wrong or foolish or ignorant does not make me appear right, or wise or intelligent. In fact, I will go a little further in giving proof of love by making positive statements of others’ actions and behavior.

Helen King, BSN College of Nursing and Health, University of Cincinnati

Although I’m entitled to put these letters behind my name, they were earned under great duress and very much against my will. I much prefer the description of my e-mail address, and most recently my facebook and Happiness Project name, Finding Myself. I am forever grateful to my two children, husband, many animals and travels in “finding myself”.

1 What is Lent by Mary Fairchild

6 thoughts on “The Gospel According to Mom..

  1. How fitting that my children profess to the faith of “animism” or “environmentalists”–one of my future “sermons”.

  2. My husban can no longer complain when I have to work at the barn on Sundays! Ive always told him that God understands, I’m taking care of his creatures!

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