Weather or Not…..

They didn't have these when I was 13

As difficult as it is to keep a straight face while teaching a kid wearing a large, pink, sequined helmet cover that shrouds her entire head except for two darting eyes, I must commend my young riders for braving the elements this year.    It has been a particularly wet, cold, nasty winter and I have not heard one complaint from the “under 20” department.

I have arrived to teach in rain coming down sideways, in arenas with puddles fetlock deep, and winter chills that froze my toes, but the kids never cancel.  When the arenas are closed, we ride the spunky ponies in the open fields, sometimes scary, but no complaints.  One morning, a mother called to say her daughter was not well and may have to cancel.  She called later to say the girl felt fine and would be out for her lesson, only to call back after a thermometer check.  Seems she had told her mother she felt better because she wanted to go to the barn, but the thermometer told on her, and her fever sent her back to bed.  Another student, that keeps her horses at her home, works diligently by herself  between lessons, through inclement weather, to stay ready for upcoming events this spring.

It is this kind of dedication to riding that keeps me in business, and earns them the year-end awards.  With this kind of commitment and passion, they will be winners, in riding and life.  So, if the kids can show up to ride, I can show up to teach.  Pink helmet covers or not.

17 thoughts on “Weather or Not…..

    1. I’m worried that I fall into that category sometimes so I am committed today not to complain about the weather, the arena or any other adult related malady. I have yet to have a kid come and say “It’s too cold!” If anything I always ask “Don’t you want your jacket?” I think that may be the key- Keep Moving!

  1. I feel better about the world knowing there are determined, caring and tough “under 20’s” and their teachers out there this winter–it has indeed been tough–but spring will soon be here with days to ride that make up for all the yukky ones. So, carry on whatever it takes–even pink, sequined helmets! From one of the “over 60’s”.

    1. yes, if these are the kids that will be running the show when I retire I think we will be all OK! Everyone always talks about how bad kids today are and I don’t know what kids they are talking about!

  2. This is the kind of kid I was. And recently I tried to revive that spirit by actually riding on a cold windy day. And even a rainy day.

    I remember getting picked up for an orthodontist appointment in the middle of the day. There were still a few hours left in the school day but of course my face hurt like someone had punched me in the mouth. My father asked if I was going back to school.

    “Take me to the barn,” I mumbled painfully.

    “If you can go to the barn, you can go to school,” he argued.

    “No, dad,” I said. “You don’t understand. When I’m riding, nothing hurts.”

    Regarding pink helmet covers, I brought pink and sparkles to the dowdy little tack shop I once ran. They sold like hotcakes. You can’t give kids taste, you just have to hope they’ll get over it, like you have to hope they’ll get over Hannah Montana and iCarly.

    1. HaHa!!!! I Love that! I can’t tell you how many times I heard that! “If you can go the to barn, you can go to school!” It goes right up there with “Now, your’e not going to wear these new shoes to the barn are you?” “NO MOM!” Within two weeks, there they were at the barn!

  3. Gotta love a child that is secure enough to want to be fashion forward with her bright colors in the horse world! Also, gotta love the trainer for always encouraging said child even though said trainer finds it hard to concentrate because she’s being blinded by the sun bouncing off the pink sparkles! One thing you can say… you always leave our barn with a smile on your face! HeeHeeHee!!!

  4. Ha Ha said Mom of said child in Pink Sparkly helmet cover is guilty of buying everything chic cool and new under the sun for her girls and her pampered horse! She boards at the only barn I know where everyone has their own personalized snuggie 🙂 Gotta love it

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