And the Winner is…..

It’s always exciting when I receive feedback from readers of the blog.  Today’s comments brought an extra-special surprise….. An Award!!!!  Yes, a fellow blogger, The Literary Horse, has bestowed upon me the coveted “Beautiful Blogger Award”!!  I’m very flattered as her blog is brilliant!  If you haven’t already started following her blog it is linked under my blogroll on every post.  Why she is doing her blog for free when I would gladly buy her writings if they were published is beyond me, but I’ll take it while I can!   There are fifteen other recipients of the award listed on her site, some of them I have read previously and some I have just found today but will be following from now on.

The award comes with two stipulations.  I must list seven things my readers may not know about me (hmmm..scary!)  and I must choose fifteen blogs in which to bestow the award.  The seven things I can manage.  The fifteen blogs will be a little trickier, as I have only been blogging a couple of months and haven’t had time to build a large base of other blogs to follow.  In order to provide the links I will post the links of the other recipients, as I have previewed them all tonight and they are all great.  As a matter of fact they are so good I am afraid I will lose my readers to them, but I greedily want to post my award so I will do it, and add one that I like as well!

OK.  Seven things nobody knows (or not many people anyway!)

1.  I have a tattoo of my late Malamute, Samson’s, paw print and name on my leg.

2.  I went to bartending school, but never tended bar.

3.  My Mom washes my show clothes and mails them back to me because she gets them the whitest.

4.  I don’t own a television- hence the blog!

5.  I still think I’m a teenager, but my license says I’m 42.

6.  I once hiked 300 miles on the Appalachian Trail.

7.  I tilt my head at a ridiculous angle when I teach and can’t stop no matter how hard I try!  (What’s the deal with trainers and head tilting?)

The Literary Horse’s Beautiful Blogger Award Recipients:

In addition to Jane’s blog I would add Retired Racehorse as a recipient.  Natalie is a frequent blogger with a great site heralding the Thoroughbred.  Her posts and her comments on other’s posts are always insightful and funny.  I will post more recipients as I commit to reading more blogs.

Sincere thanks to Jane at The Literary Horse for reading and acknowledging my blog and congratulations to the other award recipients!  I consider myself in fine company.   I encourage everyone to check out the links to the other award winners that Jane honored.  There is a lot of pertinent information and positive energy being exchanged on these forums.  If you are so inclined you may want to start a blog of your own.  Everyone’s point of view is important and you never know, you might even win an award!!!

6 thoughts on “And the Winner is…..

  1. This comment is completely unrelated to this post, but I have a blog topic suggestion — “the etiquette of horse shopping”! I had someone reschedule on me twice this week to see Tucker, then stand me up today and refuse to answer my phone calls. UGH!

    PS. I love that your mom still does your laundry 🙂

    1. This is a good suggestion! The sales process is difficult on both sides, I’m always surprised when people sound so excited then never turn up! Then people that seem unimpressed buy the horse. 🙂 Not sure Mom is loving doing my laundry!

  2. There we go. I need you to teach me. And be the Judge in the booth.
    For inexplicable reasons, I always tilt my head to the right, as though I’m looking at the horse’s inside eye, when traveling right. Going left? Straight as an arrow.
    I figure if you tilt and I tilt, I’m gonna look FANTASTIC. I’ll look straight!
    (And you have a very good blog, you deserve it. I also panic after I hit “Publish” and think “Oh Lord. What have I done NOW?”

    1. I have countless photos of me teaching with my head, and torso sometimes, turned totally sideways! It has been brought to my attention that when the horse and rider change direction I tilt my head the other way! 🙂

  3. Doing her laundry is cheaper than buying new clothes!!! I have tried to teach her to oil new tack, boots, etc and that prevention is the best cure for all problems!!!!

  4. P.S. I am much better at doing laundry than writing a blog or riding a horse or teaching someone to do laundry!!! Each person has their own talents–mine are modest–Suzanne’s are award winning!!!! Yeah!!!

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