Sometimes it’s easier to sit than post….

It looks likes it’s going to be another blogging year.  My first attempt at blogging brought many unexpected results and events.  Some of the changes brought about feelings of pride and a sense of self-worth.  Other changes, while still enlightening,  forced reflection on aspects of dressage, or organized horse-sport in general,  that I had never before contemplated.  While I feel overloaded with ideas to blog about, my less naive side now worries that every story will read as either self-aggrandizing, cynical or sales pitchy.  When these feelings start making me avoid the vulnerability of writing this blog my new inspiration is to go back to the relationship between the rider and the horse, a relationship without angles or agendas.  Following is a letter from a student that I received about a year ago.  When the distractions of competition, politics and profits get me down, letters like this one, and others from students past bring me back to that concept of what “success” in the “horse industry” means to me.

This is published with permission from the author.  Thanks Jess, your unabashed sincerity humbles me.

16 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s easier to sit than post….

  1. I’m glad to see you back!

    I will fully admit that I avoid writing about some subjects for the exact reasons you have stated. I also don’t think my blog posts are going to change anyone’s mind on the hot button issues, since I’m pretty much a Nobody! So, I write about my relationship with my horse because it’s cathartic to me and I enjoy it.

    I will say that I have a great deal of respect for the trainers who put themselves out there and speak up about the issues, though. The issues effecting our sport right now are not simply black and white, especially for the pros. It takes guts to put yourself out there.

    The real proof of what a trainer can do is in the students and horses they make better, not in their ability to write. You’ve got that lovely letter as proof that you can do that, so write away…

    1. Thank you Shannon for such a kind response. I always enjoy your blog and wish more horse lovers such as yourself would share their experiences as well. My candor is not always appreciated but I’m hoping to cover some areas in the discipline that need honest discussion. Thank you for your encouragement and inspiration. I think it’s going to be a great year.

  2. Here we are a year later, Carmen has since been sold, but I still have the wonderful person that shared all the experiences with me (:

    1. J- the love and training you put on that horse changed her from a hardly ridable, frightened horse to an athletic, spunky, and enjoyable friend for her new owner. It was unfortunate that due to unforeseen circumstances Carmen’s owner was forced to sell her. She was kind to give you the opportunity to love Carmen and hopefully the trust and friendship you developed with her will make her life with her new owner one of kindness and understanding.

  3. Befriending a horse is not Jessie’s only talent! Being able to express one’s feelings in a letter is worthy of great writers and journalists! Keep on writing–you have a great career ahead of you!

  4. Very Good blog indeed. *Make sure to get side tracked come 2012 elections and hold a debate on your page. Don’t worry Ill be getting fox berry pumped up for elections. Meanwhile I went out and brought a new car *last one wasnt working out. Also I got a new job that allows me to work less and make more (better restaurant) Even though this month sucks because I went out and started all this at once so money is tight because Im in training and my schedules are adjusting and I am paying for all the down payments and deposits with the car loans I have fixed my issues (Car and Time) so you will be seeing me at the farm more this year. This year of elections. So really whether you want it or not we both know there will be a debate might as well embrace it. Ive been there at night (like 2am lol) working with gam he’s almost ready. Hell be ready before my wallet he’s got about 3 weeks my wallet needs 4. Then its time to get started. So this year is gams comeback and that involves you which involves me communicating with you frequently which …lol involves arguing politics. So embrace the debate its coming lol.

  5. Haynet- thank you for the invite! I’d love to join your community of bloggers!! In the morning I will try to figure out how to add it. If I have problems I will email you for help! Looking forward to meeting new riders, writers and friends!!

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