Sweep your Cares Away….

this was one of my more popular posts- still seems to apply!

Tango Dressage

The trends in horse care have changed considerably over the past few decades. For many, a shift has been made from the backyard barn to the bigger boarding facilities. With economic dips forcing job constraints on precious horsey time, more people are inclined to pay a facility to give their horse the day-to-day care they once provided themselves.

On a daily basis I am fortunate enough to travel to many such facilities. Enough praise cannot be heaped on the generous souls who commit their life to caring for horses. It is a twenty-four hour a day job and is often underappreciated.

When I hear a fussy boarder complain about trivial matters I ask them the amount of board they pay per month. I then divide that number by thirty, and figure a per day price for their horse board. In our area it usually runs fifteen to twenty dollars per…

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2 thoughts on “Sweep your Cares Away….

  1. This is great Suz!!! Just what we were discussing a few days ago about owners being more “hands on”. I’m reblogging this one and sharing it on BSD Facebook as well. Thanks for bringing this one back to the forefront!

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