About Tango Dressage Blog

This is a dressage blog to share ideas and passions about dressage, barns and horses in general.  Please leave a comment, question or idea for a blog!  If you have links to favorite sites that everyone might enjoy please feel free to post them.

If you are interested in the author I am Suzanne King, a dressage trainer in the South Carolina and Georgia area.  I am a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist and have studied in the United States, England, Germany and Holland.  I participated on the Dressage with the Experts panel at Dressage at Devon in 2011 and will be back again this year.  In addition to riding I enjoy reading, knitting, hiking, kayaking……  If you want to check out my website please visit Tango Dressage.  You can email me from that site and I would love hearing any feedback you have.  Thank you so much for visiting Tango Dressage Blog!


One thought on “About Tango Dressage Blog

  1. I have a half-arab, very round belly. She is a nice 2/3 level but saddles slide forward. I am looking a stuben’s new elastic in the middle girth. Has anyone tried it???

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