Bulletin Bored?

There are a few dressage related bulletin boards that I browse through almost daily.  One of the most humorous is the equine magazine Chonicle of the Horse Board http://www.chronofhorse.com.  This one contains anonymous bickering about the controversy surrounding the use of rollkur in elite equestrian training.  Never heard of it?  Neither had I until I started reading the board.  Another board that allows anonymous debate that usually takes on a life of its own is Ulitmate Dressage Bulletin Board http://www.ultimatedressage.com.  In order to understand these boards a few acronyms are needed.  RK=rollkur, also written as HP (hyperflexion), much debate is given to determining the difference if there is any of the two terms.  ODG= old, dead guys.  This refers to classical dressage masters that are no longer living but have created a legacy that no living mortals can equal.  OTTB=off the track Thoroughbred.  Not used too much in the dressage boards. 

You get the idea- live a little and create a nickname of your own (if you use your dog’s or horse’s name your friends will know who you are).  You can even learn something from the informational posts.  But to live dangerously tread into the RK debate.  Or post your admiration for Anky VG  or Edward Gal then stand back for the blast!